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Here are some really ridiculous Bukhari hadith. The reader must bear in mind that this is despite the ulema’s claim that the “Al-Jami'us Sahih of Imam al-Bukhari is rightfully privileged tobe called a gigantic ocean serenely flowing for the providence and safeguard of those precious pieces of magnificence”.

Here are some of those precious pieces of magnificence:

Bukhari Volume 1, Book 9, Number 490: Narrated 'Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, "Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman." I said, "You have made us (i.e. women) dogs. I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him."

So women are akin to dogs and donkeys.

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537: Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said "If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease."

Dunking flies in your tea will spread disease. Here is an adjunct to this strange cure :

(Bukhari Kitabul Ilm vol.2, hadith 77). Mahmood bin Rabe narrates, “I still remember when I was five years old, the Holy Prophet rinsed his mouth and then spat the water into mine”

This is a nonsensical and most unhygienic practice. It will spread even more disease.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 5: Narrated 'Ata: We presented ourselves along with Ibn 'Abbas at the funeral procession of Maimuna at a place called Sarif. Ibn 'Abbas said, "This is the wife of the Prophet so when you lift her bier, do not Jerk it or shake it much, but walk smoothly because the Prophet had nine wives and he used to observe the night turns with eight of them, and for one of them there was no night turn."

This is a mystery too.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 6: Narrated Anas: The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:52). The (Exalted) Messenger used to visit all nine of his wives every night. The Holy Messenger used to have intercourse with all of his wives in one hour of the day and night (without taking a bath) and these (wives) were eleven.

(Bukhari, Book of Bath 1:189) The Holy Prophet had the (sexual) power of 30 men

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:52) The Prophet said that the best man amongst his followers is the onewho has the greatest number of wives.

Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 7: Narrated Said bin Jubair: Ibn 'Abbas asked me, "Are you married?" I replied, "No." He said, "Marry, for the best person of this (Muslim) nation (i.e., Muhammad) of all other Muslims, had the largest number of wives."

All these hadith above about having the largest number of wives and multiple sexual relations are solid proof of the ulema’s latent sexual promiscuity. They misuse the Prophet’s name to justify their own sexual fantasies. We will see more examples of this in this book.

(Bukhari, Kitabul Ikrah p.669) The Holy Prophet asked, “Who will buy this slave from me?” HazratNaeem bought him for 800 Darham

Bukhari has made the Prophet a slave trader ! On the contrary the Prophet taught us in the Quran to free the slaves. Here is the evidence : Surah 90:11-13 “He should choose the difficult path. Which one is the difficult path? The freeing of slaves.”

(Bukhari 2:134) The sun rises between the two antlers of Satan.

And we thought the sun rose in the East, over Japan the Land of the Rising Sun ! Bukhari has other ideas about the East :

(Bukhari, Book of Talaq 3:132) Fitna (tribulation) rises in the East.

(Bukhari, Book of Sales and Book of Nikah 3:59) After the fall of Khyber, people described the beauty of Safia BintHui, the new bride of a slain enemy soldier. The Prophet chose her for himself. On the way to Madina he stopped and had intercourse with her. His companions did not know if she was a wife or a concubine. Later, a veil was drawn between her and the men-folk and they came to know that she was a wife.

This is cruel and inhuman treatment of a female war captive. According to Bukhari, the Prophet had sexual intercourse with this female captive of war. This obviously fake hadith is another manifestation of the ulema’s own sexual fantasies. About the prisoners of war, God told the Prophet the following :

Surah 8:70 “O you prophet, tell the prisoners of war in your hands, "If GOD knew of anything good in your hearts, He would have given you better than anything you have lost, and would have forgiven you. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful."

The Quran does not tell the Prophet to have sexual intercourse with the female prisoners.

(Bukhari Kitabul Qadr 3:543) A man inquired, “We earn income from these bondwomen, (other narratives mention prostitutes) so can we do coitus interruptus with them?” The Prophet said, “There is no sin in doing that”.

This hadith from Bukhari makes the Prophet a pimp who consented to some men earning an income from the prostituites as well as practicing coitus interuptus with them. From slave trading to sleeping with nine or elevenwomen in one night to sexual intercourse with the female captives to prostituting women ! Indeed Bukhari makes the Prophet of Islam to be a real demon possessed barbarian.

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:60). The Prophet said, “Bad luck, misfortune and doom can exist in a wife, a home and a horse”

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:61) After my time, the greatest tribulation for men will be women”

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:97) I saw that most of those entering the gate of hellfire were women

Again these are slanderous statements against women. Bukhari says that your mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins and aunts are like dogs and donkeys. Now they are like horses too. And of courseyour mothers, sisters and daughters will enter the hellfire in large numbers.

(Bukhari Kitabul Ta'abir) Seeing a black woman in a dream is the sign of an oncoming epidemic.

This is racist prejudice against black people.

(Bukhari, Book of Medicine, vol.3). Aisha said to the Prophet, “Ah! My head is bursting.” He said, “Iwish it did.” Aisha responded: “You want me to die so that you can spend the next night with another wife”

(Bukhari Kitabul Mahrabain and Kitabut Tib p.254) Some people got sick in Madina. The Prophet advised them to drink camel's urine and milk. After they became well, they killed a shepherd. The Prophet ordered that their hands and feet be chopped off and their eyes gouged out. They were laid on burning sand. When they asked for water it was denied them. So much so that they tasted sand until they died.

More medical prescriptions. From dipping flies in your tea to drinking camels urine to cure fevers.And also gouging out the eyes of the prisoners and cutting off their feet and hands.

(Bukhari Kitabul Fatan 3:718). The Prophet’s wives awoke late one morning. He said, “Many women who are dressed up in this world will be raised unclothed in the Hereafter”

More sexual fantasies from the ulema.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:213).The Prophet used to become very restless and frightened whenever he sawthe sky overcast.

This is another slander against the Prophet.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:231)The hellfire complained to Allah, "One part of me is eating the other part." So, the hellfire was allowed two breaths - one in summer and one in winter. That is how you see the change of seasons.

One wonders if Bukhari had any intelligence at all.

(Bukhari Beginning of Creation 2:237) Adhaan (the call to prayer) puts Satan to flight, expelling gas as he runs away.

The call to prayer triggers flatulence.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:241) Satan rests at night in your noses

Well until he hears the call to prayer.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:213) A rooster sees angels, and a donkey sees Satan

That’s why we need both donkeys and roosters – to get a complete viewpoint.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:244) .Rats are the lost tribe of Israel because they drink not the camel's milk, but drink goat’s milk.

Rats have expensive tastes. In the modern world goat’s milk is expensive.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:245) Five animals are sinful, so kill them even in Makkah: rat, scorpion, eagle, crow, and a biting dog.

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:247) The Prophet ordered the killing of dogs

(Bukhari, Beginning of Creation 2:251). Woman was created from the rib so she will always remain crooked. Leave her crooked

More slander against your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and aunts.

(Bukhari, The Book of Bath 1:193) Maimoona said that she gazed at the Prophet taking a bath after intercourse, until she saw him wash his private parts.

(The Book of Bath #246) Abu Salma and the brother of Aisha went to Aisha to learn about the bath after sexual intercourse. She procured a container of water and took a bath. There was a veil between them and her.

Until Maimoona made this observation and Aisha gave a practical demonstration to Abu Salma and her brother, the Arab men and women never knew how to wash after sexual intercourse.

(Bukhari The Book on Menstruation 1:98, chapter 207) If the Prophet wanted to have intercourse with a menstruating wife, he ordered her to tie a loincloth even though the menstruation would be atits peak. Then he had intercourse..

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Prophet said, "I was praying. Satan came in front of me and tried to force me to break my prayers. Allah gave me control over him and I threw him down. I thought of tying him with a pillar so that you could see him in the morning (Bukhari 1:469, chapter 766).

This hadith is obviously fake because the Prophet tells us in the Quran that we cannot even see the Satan, let alone wrestle the Satan. Here is the evidence : Surah 7:27 ‘The satan and his tribe can see you from places while you cannot see them.

The Messenger of Allah addressed his wife Safia as “O’ you bald-headed perished one!” (Bukhari, Kitab Talaq p.143).

(Bukhari 2:261) Umro bin Maimoon reported, “I saw a monkey surrounded by a swarm of other monkeys. He had committed adultery with a female monkey. So, all monkeys stoned him to death. I cast stones, too.”

A variation of this hadith reports, “The female monkey had been lying down with a middle-aged male when a young male came and gestured with his eye. The female slowly pulled her hand away from under the head of the middle-aged monkey and tiptoed away from him. Then she committed adultery with the young monkey. The older monkey got wind of what had happened so he yelled and gathered around him all monkeys in the vicinity. They stoned both (the adulterers) to death!”.

Monkeys stoning other monkeys to death? So Sunni jurisprudence is derived from monkeys too.

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah p.96).When a woman refuses to come to her husband’s bed, angels curse her until shereturns

(Hadith #185) Once the Holy Prophet asked for a bowl of water. He washed his hands and face in it. Then he rinsed his mouth in it and after that ordered Abu Musa and Bilal to drink the used water !

The Holy Prophet passed a group of women. He said to them, “Ladies, give alms, because I have seen you burning in hell in great numbers.” When the women asked the reason for it, he said:

  • “You women curse too much!”

  • “You are ungrateful to your husbands.”

  • “In spite of being deficient in intellect as well as in religion, you are capable of prevailing over a man of wisdom; you are a creation the like of which has never been seen.”

  • “Is not the testimony of a woman one half that of a man? This is

the measure of deficiency of your intellect!”

“And mind you, when a woman has her periods she is not allowed to pray or to fast. This is the measure of your deficiency in religion.”

Saim Bakar the Ultra Fundamentalist And Ultra Conservative Muslim